Quakertown Kia Service Tips: Kia Voice Recognition

By Product Expert | Posted in Service Tips, Technology on Sunday, April 21st, 2019 at 6:00 pm
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You just took delivery of a vehicle and notice it has the Kia Voice Recognition feature. Your ability to use this feature and give the voice recognition system proper commands is important to Kia. It’s important because your safety comes first. And, even though Pennsylvania bans only texting and wearing headphones while driving, Kia wants both your hands on the wheel. Just another reason why Gateway Kia Quakertown Sales and Service staff spend the time necessary to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of voice recognition.

Starting Kia Voice Recognition

Here are the main points for improving your understanding of onboard voice recognition:

  • Pressing the “Talk” or “Voice” button on the steering wheel and stating the command “HELP” will produce a list of preset commands.

Ask your Gateway Kia Quakertown Sales and Service specialist to review the voice recognition visor cards. After, follow this very important checklist:

  • Check the most often called contacts on your phone.
  • Check that full names are used instead of one-word names such as “Mom” or “Dad”.
  • Do not use special characters or emojis for contact names.
  • If you own a 2017/2018 MY Sedona or Soul with Standard Audio, voice recognition capability is only available when an iPhone is paired and connected through Siri (Note: Non-iPhones can still be paired and connected through Bluetooth).

  • 2018 MY Rio’s with Standard Audio does not have voice recognition capability.
  • When your vehicle is equipped with CarPlay/Android Auto, this technology produces an enhanced voice recognition experience.
  • Don’t forget, ask our staff for the voice recognition takeaway cards, They are in the Delivery First display stand. These cards offer helpful tips to improve voice recognition performance in vehicles with Kia onboard voice recognition.
    • Lastly, you can use your Smartphone to scan the QR code on the display stand. This code will link you to a video showing how to operate the voice recognition system.

Gateway Kia Quakertown PA service specialists always suggest updating to the latest released iOS version on your device. The latest version contains connectivity and compatibility improvements for most third-party app and devices.

As with all features, Kia recommends you spend time in your vehicle with a Gateway Kia Quakertown PA sales representative. Your Quakertown representative is trained to help you operate new features using UVO and Voice Recognition. Gateway Kia Quakertown PA follows a “perfect delivery process” to ensure you receive an excellent customer experience.

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