Quakertown Kia Service Tips: Media Device Ports

By Product Expert | Posted in Service Tips, Technology on Thursday, July 18th, 2019 at 3:21 pm

In this article, our Quakertown PA Kia Service specialists describe how to use and where Media Device Ports are located. We at Gateway Kia of Quakertown understand how using new features and technologies can be terrifying and sometimes confusing. Accordingly, Kia dealers strive to educate customers regardless of where the vehicle was purchased. Please be sure to ask your Kia representative to point out where the Media Device Ports are located in your vehicle during your perfect Kia delivery.

During delivery of your Kia vehicle, ask your sales or service representative to show you the location and functionality of USB, 12 Volt, and Aux device media/charging ports.

Location of Media Device Ports

It is important to be knowledgeable about the location of media device ports in your model. Examples of some common locations are inside the center console, behind the center console, and under the infotainment system stack.

gateway kia quakertown service tips media device ports

The location and number of ports may vary by model and trim option. For example, the Sedona is equipped with additional media device ports located in the 3rd-row cargo area on higher trims.

USB Ports and Use of Cables

Many 2019 and later model year Kia vehicles contain two different kinds of USB ports; one for playing music from a compatible media device and the other for charging compatible devices (signified by a charging icon).

gateway kia quakertown service tips media device ports

NOTE: Devices will only be charged when the vehicle is in ACC/ON/Start position.

We stress you use a USB charging cable that is certified by the device manufacturer. Use of an aftermarket cable is not recommended, as it may impact functionality and charging.

Aux Port

Most Kia models also have an aux (Auxillary) port which can be used to connect audio devices with an aux cable (3.5 mm).

gateway kia quakertown service tips media device ports

NOTE: The Niro EV and K900 do not have an AUX port.

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