Quakertown Kia Service Tips: Connecting and Using Bluetooth

By Product Expert | Posted in Service Tips, Technology on Friday, March 29th, 2019 at 2:16 pm
gateway kia quakertown bluetooth pairing

While you receive delivery on your vehicle, ask your Kia customer sales representative to take time to explain your Bluetooth connectivity features. The do it yourself steps are below, but it’s always a good idea to have a Kia trained professional demonstrate your options.

Pair your Bluetooth smartphone(s).

Ensure your contacts download successfully.

Starting the pairing process is easy. First, press the green or white “Call” button on the steering wheel or the PHONE hard key on the radio/navigation.

gateway kia quakertown bluetooth
gateway kia quakertown bluetooth

From your phone, turn Bluetooth on and search and select your vehicle’s name on the phone. Choose the one that matches the name on the radio/navigation screen (Kia Motors).

Next, follow the instructions on the phone to confirm the passkey displayed and select “OK” or “Pair” on the phone to complete the pairing process.

Be sure to allow phonebook download or contact sync on the phone and accept all requests for future auto-connection.

gateway kia quakertown bluetooth

If more specific instructions are needed to pair and connect additional phones, then please reference the vehicle’s user manual.

Don’t be concerned if a problem occurs with Bluetooth, there is a simple fix. Delete your phone name from the Kia onboard screen and also delete your Kia vehicle name from your phone’s Bluetooth list. Then, turn your phone off and back on and begin the pairing process from the start. This will establish a new connection.

Pairing in a vehicle with Premium Navigation (AVN 5.0):

Pairing in a vehicle with UVO eServices System or UVO Link (UVO 3.0 or Display Audio 1.0):

Pairing in a vehicle with UVO Play (Display Audio 2.0):

Pairing in a vehicle with Standard Audio System (Audio 4.0):

How to place a call

You can place a call using either the green or white steering wheel control “Call” button, the touch screen, or voice recognition (if equipped).

gateway kia quakertown bluetooth

How to receive a call

You can receive a call using the touch screen and the same green or white steering wheel control button.

How to stream audio

After connecting your phone to your Kia vehicle via Bluetooth, and setting your phone to allow streaming, press the “Media” button to find Bluetooth Audio Streaming mode.

Ensure that the listening volume on the phone is turned up (Bluetooth streaming is dependent upon phone volume level).

Connecting Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

If equipped, see our Kia Service Tips article on using Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze.

Using the new text messaging feature

If you own a 2019 Optima, Optima Plug-In Hybrid, Niro EV, or K900, you will be able to send and receive text messages directly through your vehicle with a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. You must have an active UVO subscription in order for this feature to function.

gateway kia quakertown bluetooth

Note: The texting feature is device dependent; users with Android smartphones full access while iPhone users only have “Read” access.

Keep in mind that Bluetooth functionality and compatibility depends on your phone and its operating system version. We recommended you keep your phone updated with the latest released operating system version. This helps both Kia and phone manufacturers continue to correct issues and add new features.

Want more Quick Tips on how to use your Kia installed options? Check back often to see the latest post, or email your local Gateway Kia Quakertown PA customer service representative with your comments or questions. Here at Gateway Kia Quakertown, we strive to give you the best possible customer service. If you’re searching for Kia dealers in PA and live close to Gateway Kia Quakertown near Philadelphia, stop in and experience our dealership for yourself.

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