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New HabaNiro Concept Car Heats Up NYC

Thursday, July 25th, 2019
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Hot Off The Kia Press: The Kia HabaNiro Concept Car!

Spicy New Vision for the Future of Electric Vehicles

Imagined, and created at Kia’s California design studio, a versatile and inventive automobile creates a whole new category of mobility – “The Everything Car” or ECEV

Bold, imaginative design and high-tech features combine to present the future of automotive interaction

NEW YORK, April 17, 2019 — Kia Motors America (KMA) unveiled its vision of the future of electric vehicles and it’s hot.  And spicy. The Kia HabaNiro concept is a fully-electric, all-wheel drive, four-seat wonder car with an All-Electric Range (AER) of more than 300 miles, level-five autonomous mode, butterfly wing doors and more advanced tech than what helped land men on the moon. But this is no fanciful supercar that will likely never be built, but a prescient look into the future of mobility where automobiles will seamlessly integrate design, capability, usefulness, and creativity.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

“We wanted this concept to be comfortable navigating city streets, carving turns on a coastal road and off-roading with confidence to remote wilderness adventures,” said Tom Kearns, vice president of design for Kia Design Center America (KDCA). “We imagined a car for everyone and nearly everything. Then, when we saw the finished product, we were blown away by the imagination of the HabaNiro’s creators and its laboratory of technology and we want it in our driveway. Today.” With its rugged 20-inch wheels, short overhangs and big haunches, the HabaNiro exudes coiled muscularity and capability, whether you’re on a grocery run, en route to a meeting or in search of a remote fishing hole.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

“We couldn’t be more proud of our design center,” says Michael Cole, KMA chief operating officer, and executive vice president. “The HabaNiro is a genius work of skill and imagination. Not only does its beautiful design incorporate the needs of future mobility, but its engineering and technology anticipate the way people will want to move in the near future.”

A Whole New Category of Vehicle

The HabaNiro is a compact crossover utility vehicle only in terms of existing industry category language. But the HabaNiro can’t be so easily defined. It’s essentially an all-electric Everything Car or ECEV – commuter, crossover, sport utility, state-of-the-art technology workroom, and adventure vehicle.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

An Exterior to Move You

The HabaNiro design is defined by the energetic interplay between the protective metallic grey cladding that encompasses the front wheels and extends onto the body sides and the bright “Lava Red” aero panel that defines the C-pillar and extends up and over the roof. These two elements create vibrant energy and a forward-leaning posture that suggests the HabaNiro is ready to launch. This latent forward energy is reinforced by the single elegant character line that wraps around the front end, extends through the shoulder, and ends dynamically pointed at the rear wheels.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

The HabaNiro grille resembles a shark’s snout, complete with a slit-like gap full of gloss black aluminum “teeth” similar to the cooling blades found on high-end electronic equipment. The EV chassis architecture allowed the wheels to be pushed to the corners, giving the HabaNiro its wide and confident stance.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

Satin aluminum skid plates, milled billet aluminum tow hooks, anodized Lava Red aluminum accents, and the embossed HabaNiro name complement the upscale look while suggesting the vehicle’s adventure-ready attitude. Perhaps most importantly, the heartbeat pulse of the daytime running lights announces the HabaNiro’s animated energy – “I’m alive.”

An Interior to Transport You and an Array of High-Tech Features

The scissor-like opening of the HabaNiro’s four butterfly-wing doors hints at its future-forward interior design. The Lava Red interior suggests passion and vibrancy. Modern and airy, the interior is accented by the bouclé fabric-trimmed front seats that appear to float within the spacious cabin. Contributing to the interior’s clean and modern appearance is the absence of rectangular screens and traditional control knobs and buttons. Instead, the HabaNiro features a full-width front windshield Heads-Up Display (HUD) system controlled by a concave acrylic instrument panel that is a large interactive touchpad display with Sensory Light Feedback (SLF). Technical Option Sharing System (TOSS) allows users to swipe and move vehicle options across the HUD screen as though moving chess pieces.

HabaNiro’s occupants are kept comfortable by a slim Perimeter Ventilation System (PVS) that quietly and evenly blows a curtain of air throughout the cabin. A soft ambient glow shines through the bold geometrically-patterned floor, creating a movement that reflects onto surfaces within the cabin. The Lighting Color Effect (LCE) can be dimmed or brightened, and the hue can be modified to impact the mood of the interior environment.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

When HabaNiro’s part-time level-five autonomous driving system is engaged the steering wheel and instrument panel retracts forward to provide more room for the front occupants. Media or other entertainment, such as a movie for a long highway haul, can be displayed on the full-width HUD video system.

Kia’s new Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving

HabaNiro features Kia’s new Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving (R.E.A.D.) system introduced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show. R.E.A.D. can optimize and personalize a vehicle cabin space by analyzing a driver’s emotional state in real-time through artificial intelligence-based bio-signal recognition technology. The technology monitors the driver’s emotional state and tailors the interior environment according to its assessment – potentially altering conditions relating to the human senses within the cabin and in turn creating a more pleasurable and safer driving experience.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

R.E.A.D. also enables the HabaNiro’s Eye Tracking System (ETS) with 180° rear-view video display. The system uses AI-based emotional intelligence to monitor when the driver looks up to the top of the windshield where conventional rearview mirrors are traditionally located. The AI immediately senses the driver’s need to see behind the vehicle and instantly activates the 180° rear-view video display.

There are no immediate plans to utilize AI to sense when the driver is hungry and then direct to the nearest drive-through where an order will be waiting, but the technology may someday evolve to make just such a task possible. AI and automation shouldn’t take the joy out of driving, as some auto lovers fear, but should enhance it – anticipating needs so we can concentrate on the driving experience.

gateway kia quakertown pa habaniro concept

Into the Future

Some will assume the HabaNiro concept will never be built, but we don’t advise betting the farm on it. In the past 18 months, Kia launched two vehicles, the Stinger and the Telluride. They were from concepts that fully captured the public’s imagination. The HabaNiro’s butterfly doors? Maybe not today, but the future is looking exciting. Kia is ready to lead the automotive industry into this spicy world of possibility.

The Details

  • Dimensions
    • Length: 4430 mm/ 171 inches
    • Height: 1600 mm/ 63 inches
    • Width: 1955 mm/ 77 inches
    • Wheelbase: 2830 mm/ 111.5 inches
  • Powertrain and battery
    • e-AWD supplied by two electric motors, fore, and aft
    • 300+ mile All-Electric Range (AER)
    • An advanced state of the art battery technology
  • Exterior Features
    • Snowdrift Pearl White Tri-coat exterior paint
    • Satin Metallic Granite Grey cladding
    • Anodized “Lava Red” aero panel
    • 265/50R20 tires
  • Interior Features
    • Heads-Up Display Features:
      • Navigation system with augmented reality graphics directions
      • 180° rear-view video display in place of physical mirrors
      • Full windshield entertainment video system with surround sound
      • A 3D speed readout display
      • Full-width acrylic touch panel with Sensory Light Feedback (SLF) with Technical Option Sharing System (TOSS) feature provides interaction with HUD
    • AI-based R.E.A.D. technology
    • Eye Tracking System (ETS) enables 180° rear-view video display


Press Release Information Notice

Kia and Gateway Kia of Quakertown makes reasonable efforts to ensure the information contained in this press releases is accurate at the time of posting. However, Kia and Gateway Kia of Quakertown makes no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the accuracy of the content presented. Kia and Gateway Kia of Quakertown may, from time to time, update press releases, issue new releases, or publish other information to reflect new information.

2019 Kia Sorento vs 2020 Sportage: The Big Difference

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019
kia 2019 sorento vs 202 sportage quakertown pa

Many customers requested an article about Kia Sorento vs Sportage. Here, we identify the differences between Kia’s top two utility vehicles. Generally, our comparisons between different brands fall under our Model Research tab, but because our Gateway Kia of Quakertown customers asked, we’ve summarized the main points here.

In our first article, we compared the Kia Sorento vs Sportage and some popular features. But, customers today lost interest in those features. Customers are more educated about the crossover classification and instead of bells-and-whistles they want information about reliability. In that regard, the 2019 Kia Sorento is a midsize SUV, and the 2019 Kia Sportage is a modern compact crossover. Now, let’s dive in and identify the main distinctions between a crossover and an SUV.

Kia Sorento vs Sportage, SUV vs CUV

By definition, crossover or crossover utility vehicles (CUV) have a unibody platform (one-piece). This differs from the body-on-frame design (two-pieces) characteristics of light trucks and SUVs. Crossovers are unique because they combine features from sport utility (SUV) and passenger vehicles. These features include tall interiors and high ground clearance with all-wheel drive. They also have an independent rear suspension which makes it handle like a car. Also, CUVs are smaller, lighter in weight, and have better fuel economy than a full-size SUV.

Now you know the key differences between a crossover utility vehicle and an SUV. Let’s summarize the feature differences between the Kia Sorento vs Sportage. For 2019, both vehicles have upgraded trim options. This means the standard technology and comfort features are identical. What’s left are three primary areas, the interior space, performance, and safety.

Interior Space

The 2019 Kia Sorento includes a modernized spacious cabin and 1 to 3 rows of seating. That’s a 2 to 7 person seating configuration. So, there are one or three rows of seating depending on how you fold the rear seats. The Sorento also offers an incredible amount of cargo space, regardless of how you configure the rear seating. Likewise, the 2019 Kia Sportage offers one or two-row seating. Plus, the Sportage comes with a split rear seat so you can fold one rear seat down, or both. It also has respectable cargo space and dimensions for its class and its smaller size offers better gas mileage. In our opinion, the Kia Sorento is better for families, a business, or long-distance travel. And, the Sportage offers drivers convenience and better gas mileage.

Performance: Drivetrain and Fuel Mileage

Both of these vehicles have varying engine options. The compact 2019 Kia Sportage has a base 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 181HP. It’s also available in a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine rated at 240HP. The larger 2019 Kia Sorento options a 2.4-liter four-cylinder rated at 185HP or a 3.3-liter V-6 at 290HP. For those wanting to hitch a trailer, the Sportage has 2,000 pounds of towing capacity. And, with select options, the Sorento has up to 5,000 pounds of towing capacity.

Next, is the subject of fuel economy. The EPA fuel mileage (MPG) here is from the lowest engine options. A larger option yields less MPG. Both models come standard with Front-wheel drive (FWD) and an All-wheel drive (AWD) option.

The 2019 Sportage FWD has an average of 23 City, 30 Highway, and a 26 Combined MPG. The AWD option has an average of 22 City, 25 Highway, and 22 Combined MPG.

The 2019 Kia Sorento FWD has an average of 22 City, 29 Highway, and 25 Combined MPG. The AWD option gets an average of 21 City. 26 Highway, and 23 Combined MPG. These readings may not seem impressive, but you can’t expect much when you increase the size of the engine.

Safety and Awards

Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) assesses new vehicles. They determine how well a vehicle protects its occupants. The IIHS also records to what extent vehicles assist drivers in avoiding accidents. In our comparing models, the 2019 Kia Sorento earned the 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick+. And, the 2018 Kia Sportage earned the 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick award. Those models included optional front crash prevention and the high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights.

Also, the 2018 Kia Sorento received the “Highest Ranked Midsize SUV In Initial Quality,” 2 Years in a Row. The 2018 Kia Sorento had the lowest rate of reported problems among midsize SUVs. That finding was part of the J.D. Power 2017-2018 Initial Quality Studies.

Interested in learning more about the Kia Sportage and Sorento? Call or visit Gateway Kia of Quakertown PA. Our qualified staff will answer any questions you might have. They can also help you schedule a test drive here in the Philadelphia area. Come in and see what Kia owners love about these impressive crossover options.

Quakertown and Bucks County PA Fall Calendar

Monday, July 22nd, 2019
gateway kia of quakertown bucks county pa

Quakertown PA and Bucks County hold diverse seasonal events throughout the year. This time of year is always favored with local residents because of two major holidays, Holloween and Thanksgiving. If you’re looking to attend a festival, enjoy live music, sample food & spirits, or go on a hayride, then check-out the Visit Bucks County Fall Calendar of events. Visit Bucks County is an excellent website that does a superb job of keeping the community informed. Anytime we want to know about a special event date or details, we look to Visit Bucks County first. Some fall highlights are below!

FYI: Our last year’s article titled Scary Folklore for Holloween was very popular. In that article, we talked about the origins of Holloween and how the strange tradition of dressing up evolved over the decades. We invite you to read the article and enjoy!

  • The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular at Sesame Place – Bring the whole family to Sesame Place to experience some spooky and fun events!
  • Annual Holiday Small Works Show – Talented local artists are featured at Canal Frame-Crafts Gallery.
  • Historic Fallsington Day – There will be endless entertainment, crafts, flea markets, tours, and food at this wonderful celebration.
  • Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival – This family-friendly event offers a day of fun, culture, and competition.
  • Annual Historic Bristol Day – Attend this free street fair filled with activities for the whole family, including a car show!
  • Froehlich’s Farm Fall Festival – Fall’s not complete without a festival to celebrate the changing leaves, the chill in the air and, of course, Halloween!
  • Valley of Fear and Haunted Hayride – Get spooked on a ride through the darkest woods, and experience new thrills and attractions.
  • Perkasie Fall Festival – Tons of Fall Fun at Perkasie’s traditional Fall Festival. Free trolley bus transport between activities at beautiful Menlo Park and Perkasie’s town center. Scarecrow decorating, kids crafts, balloon twisting, face painting, petting zoo, pony rides, entertainers, raffle, music, pumpkin decorating, food court, family games, tractor rides, pie-eating contest, craft fair and more. Most activities are free of charge.
  • Sleepy Hollow Hayride/House in the Hollow – Explore and uncover scary surprises that you’ll never forget!
  • Village Renaissance Faire – The Middletown Grange Fairgrounds is transformed into the ultimate family festival with stories, history, crafts, entertainment, and food.
  • Doylestown Arts Festival – Join us in Doylestown’s largest annual festival to eat great food, listen to live music and discover beautiful art.
  • Shady Brook Farm Fall Fest – Don’t miss the farm’s favorite time of year with wagon rides, pumpkin picking, and lots more family fun!
  • Peddler’s Scarecrow Festival – See the scarecrows that local businesses and organizations create displayed throughout this quaint village.
  • Peddler’s Apple Festival – Sample some of the area’s best apple-themed treats, while enjoying this 18th Century shopping village.

Quakertown Kia Service Tips: Center Seat Belt Operation

Sunday, July 21st, 2019
kia service tips center seat belt operation

Nothing is more frustrating to a passenger than being confronted with the mysterious center seat belt operation. Most people seated in the center of the 2nd- and 3rd-row seats, don’t know how to buckle the center seat belt. Truth be told, it takes me at least 5 minutes to figure it out because every vehicle is manufactured differently.

The normal process is, after searching around for a minute or two, either in the crease of the seat or overhead, your passenger usually can find one end of the belt but not that mysterious connecting end. Before you can help them, they usually opt to ride without a belt. This is not acceptable because Kia believes that you, and your passengers, should have easy access to the same level of safety at all times.

To help reduce frustrations, Kia produced a short video to help you understand where and how that mysterious part of the center seat belt works.

  • Watch the video below to understand the 2nd and 3rd Row Center Shoulder Seat Belt Operation in your Kia Sportage, Soul, Sedona and new 2020 Telluride.


  1. If Seat Belt is buckled, press the release button on the buckle.
  2. To retract the center seat belt webbing “A” in 2nd and/or 3rd rows, use the lap belt tongue plate “C” to push “release button” in the small slot on the center belt buckle “B.”

kia service tips center seat belt operation

Our Gateway Kia in Warrington PA service experts recommends engaging the center seat belt on yourself. The experience will add to your knowledge and enable you to help your passengers in and out of the operation.

As with all features, Kia recommends you engage your vehicle features with a Gateway Kia in Warrington PA sales representative. Your Warrington representative is trained to help you operate and help you understand all the features in your Kia. Gateway Kia in Warrington PA successfully employs the “Kia Perfect Delivery Process” to ensure you receive an excellent customer experience.

Kia Forte Wins 2019 Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout Study

Saturday, July 20th, 2019
gateway kia of quakertown pa 2019 kia forte jd powers apel award

The Kia Forte 3rd Generation’s Redesign Increases Consumer Satisfaction 

  • Forte is the highest-ranked entry in the compact car segment
  • APEAL award comes on the heels of Forte topping its sector in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

IRVINE, Calif., July 30, 2019 – One of Kia Motors America’s (KMA) best-selling models – the Forte compact sedan – has earned a J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) award. The announcement comes after Kia was named the highest-ranked mass-market brand in the J.D. Power’sInitial Quality Study. For the 5th consecutive year, the Forte earns its segment-topping performance in the compact car segment.

The Kia Forte received the lowest rate of reported problems among compact cars in the 2019 J.D. Power U.S. Initial Quality Studies of new vehicle owners’ experience with their vehicle after 90 days of ownership.

Michael Cole, chief operating officer, and EVP, Kia Motors America said…

Kia developed the third-generation Forte to take on the toughest the compact segment has to offer. The result, a world-class vehicle that raises the bar in terms of styling, packaging, and content.

Earning back-to-back J.D. Power APEAL and IQS awards, the Forte demonstrates Kia’s high level of commitment to quality and the ownership experience.

Redesigned for the 2019 model year, the Forte has a more sophisticated design and desirable features. The changes transformed one of KMA’s best-selling vehicles into something much more than just a commuter car. For the 2020 model year, the Forte adds two exciting new sport trims to complete the versatile model line, which now comprises FE, LXS, GT Line, EX, and GT.

gateway kia of quakertown pa 2020 kia forte gt

The J.D. Power APEAL study measures new-vehicle owners’ overall satisfaction with their vehicles in the first 90 days of ownership. The results are divided into ten categories and weighted accordingly: exterior, interior, storage, audio, seats, heating and ventilation, driving dynamics, powertrain, visibility, and fuel economy.

Press Release Information Notice

Kia and Gateway Kia of Quakertown makes reasonable efforts to ensure the information contained in this press releases is accurate at the time of posting. However, Kia and Gateway Kia of Quakertown makes no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the accuracy of the content presented. Kia and Gateway Kia of Quakertown may, from time to time, update press releases, issue new releases, or publish other information to reflect new information.

Quakertown Kia Service Tips: Media Device Ports

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

In this article, our Quakertown PA Kia Service specialists describe how to use and where Media Device Ports are located. We at Gateway Kia of Quakertown understand how using new features and technologies can be terrifying and sometimes confusing. Accordingly, Kia dealers strive to educate customers regardless of where the vehicle was purchased. Please be sure to ask your Kia representative to point out where the Media Device Ports are located in your vehicle during your perfect Kia delivery.

During delivery of your Kia vehicle, ask your sales or service representative to show you the location and functionality of USB, 12 Volt, and Aux device media/charging ports.

Location of Media Device Ports

It is important to be knowledgeable about the location of media device ports in your model. Examples of some common locations are inside the center console, behind the center console, and under the infotainment system stack.

gateway kia quakertown service tips media device ports

The location and number of ports may vary by model and trim option. For example, the Sedona is equipped with additional media device ports located in the 3rd-row cargo area on higher trims.

USB Ports and Use of Cables

Many 2019 and later model year Kia vehicles contain two different kinds of USB ports; one for playing music from a compatible media device and the other for charging compatible devices (signified by a charging icon).

gateway kia quakertown service tips media device ports

NOTE: Devices will only be charged when the vehicle is in ACC/ON/Start position.

We stress you use a USB charging cable that is certified by the device manufacturer. Use of an aftermarket cable is not recommended, as it may impact functionality and charging.

Aux Port

Most Kia models also have an aux (Auxillary) port which can be used to connect audio devices with an aux cable (3.5 mm).

gateway kia quakertown service tips media device ports

NOTE: The Niro EV and K900 do not have an AUX port.

2019 Oktoberfest or Brewfest in Quakertown PA

Monday, July 15th, 2019
gateway quakertown kia pa oktoberfest 2019

Some time ago, we posted a blog about local Oktoberfest events happening in Bucks County, PA. Since that time, many local breweries decided on using the term Brewfest over Oktoberfest. Although, the word Oktoberfest has its mystic, don’t be discouraged by the change. Brewfest doesn’t signify less enjoyment; you’ll have the same fun and frolic regardless of the event’s title.

gateway quakertown kia pa oktoberfest people 2019See the local calendar below.

What many people don’t know is, Oktoberfest is the world’s most celebrated beer festival and touring Volkfest (funfair) since 1810. It marks the time when the citizens of Munich were invited to enjoy the festivities to celebrate a royal event. A funfair is equivalent to our carnival, consisting of rides, sideshows, and other amusements. Today, more than 6 million people from around the world celebrate Oktoberfest across Munich, Bavaria, and Germany. For 16- to 18-days, folk festivals run from mid to late September into the first weekend of October.

Well, the time to celebrate beer is almost upon us. If you live in the Bucks County area and you’re looking for local beer festivities, there are several coming up.

8th Annual Upper Bucks Brewfest

August 17, 2019

Quakertown PA is an excellent place for beef! Select from more than 60 craft beers and a variety of wine and food and entertainment courtesy of Quakertown Alive! Their Facebook Page shows 2,191 guests are interested in attending.

Fonthill Castle Beer Fest

August 24, 2019

Celebrate the end of summer with national and regional brews paired with light fare at Fonthill Castle.

Newtown Beerfest

September 21, 2019

Held at the Newtown Stocking Works Complex, sip some rare but tasty brews at this fun festival of food, live music, beer and fun sponsored by local businesses!

Autumn Alive! Fall Festival

October 26, 2019

Quakertown Alive! 19th year! The Autumn Alive! fall festival focuses on fun and our furry friends. You will see the Broad Street Pet Parade, local crafters and businesses, and the pet rescue organizations will line Broad Street from 4th Street to Hellertown Avenue and down Branch Street. You’ll also find an abundance of family and children activities, live entertainment all day on two stages, cupcake contests, Food Court, Authors Corner, and guests of age can enjoy samples in the Beer Garden.

Washington Crossing Fall Brewfest

October 26, 2019

“The Brewfest so nice, so they’re doing it twice!” Check out the first-ever Washington Crossing Fall Brewfest at Washington Crossing Historic Park featuring ciders, sours, and seasonals.

If after visiting these local events you find you need more, may we suggest making arrangements with your travel agent? There are many package-deals available for attending the 2020 Oktoberfest in either Munich, Bavaria, and Germany.

Bring us back a beer stein!