Kia brand is a new entrant in the international market, but its excellence and style have stunned the auto industry. It is not for nothing that Popular Mechanics, the reputable science and technology magazine, acclaimed Kia Niro EV the car of the year. The selection involved all parameters that modern cars should have, including practicality, performance, and packaging.

High Quality

A vehicle need not be an electric car to compete for the best, according to automotive editor Ezra Dyer of Popular Mechanics. The Kia Niro EV, according...continue reading

When shopping for a new vehicle, you need to make a balanced decision between aesthetics and safety features. Unfortunately, most people dont consider safety as a valuable trade-off when buying a chic car. The reverse is also true. Some manufacturers are hyper-focused on safety that they forget to give their vehicles a decent design. However, the Kia Telluride has demonstrated to the entire industry that you can get a stylish car that also ticks off all the safety requirements.

The 2020 Kia Telluride is a highly capable...continue reading

The Luxury Sedan

By launching the KIA Cadenza 2020, KIA Motors has extended its offering in the Sedan segment, a luxury car for your needs with excellent comfort & features but at a discounted price offering when compared to premium segment rivals in the automobile industry. 

With KIA Cadenza 2020, KIA Motors has successfully found a footing in the premium Sedan offerings with a powerful V-6 engine and an unmatched fuel economy. 

Spacious Interiors & Exteriors

The Cadenza 2020 has redesigned interiors...continue reading

The Kia Certified Pre-Owned program has been gaining popularity of late. Under this program, used vehicles are inspected and certified based on a range of quality parameters. There are several benefits of Kia CPO including affordable price and peace of mind. 

Advantages of Kia CPO

There are multiple advantages of Kia CPO against the purchase of a new Kia car. Under the Kia CPO program, certified cars are at the most 5 years old or newer, and they must have logged not more than 60,000 miles. If you purchase a Kia...continue reading