Checking oil on your car's engine

Your cars engine requires a periodic DIY oil inspection. It is filled with moving parts that need regular lubrication. It is perhaps the most important requirement for your vehicle. Motor oil also increases the lifespan and efficiency of your engine.

Guide on how to inspect your oil step-by-step

1. Park the Vehicle

Keep it parked on the ground before checking the engine oil. Wait up to two minutes for the engine oil to settle and drain into the pan.

2. Check when the Engine is Cool

This important because otherwise, you...continue reading

Car driving on the road with headlights showing the rain.

Heavy rain driving can be challenging, so it is better to wait for the rain to stop before you start your trip.

However, if the trip is essential, here are a few inclement weather driving tips for safe travel:

Do a pre-journey check

Before you start the trip, you must check your car properly. For example, you should check that the tread of the tires is good. Also, you should make sure that the vehicles headlights, horn, wipers, and AC are working correctly.

Keep a greater distance

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Source: Kia

Kia has been slowly claiming the number one spot in every category they compete in. Whether it be an SUV or a sedan, Kia has your back as it makes a segment leader in both those categories.

Kia has won over the people of America with their vehicles that are great workhorses at an even greater price. The general consensus regarding the brand is that it is the common persons champion. Offering people great cars that punch above their weight, the public has never been happier.

Safety First

The 2021 Kia K5 has a rating...continue reading

Kia has become a favorite amongst customers and car enthusiasts alike in the last few years. With its aggressive improvements and great styling, this automaker has carved a niche for itself in the heavily saturated market.

Offering vehicles that punch above their weight, Kia is known more for making great vehicles at an even greater price. They are routinely compared to cars twice their price and give them a run for their money. 

Dominating every segment they are and being the class leader in most, here are a few Kia...continue reading

Autonomous emergency braking or AEB is a safety feature that is now standard in every new vehicle. As drivers, we are not always able to react on time and hit the brakes. The AEB system is designed to take over and do it for the driver and avoid serious accidents.

What is it and how does it work?

AEB is part of an active safety system that activates a vehicles brakes if a collision is about to occur. The driver does not have to hit the brakes at all it is done by the cars onboard computer system. It also increases...continue reading