2019 Kia Forte Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Every day we see automobile commercials promoting the ability to connect smartphones to a vehicle’s onboard system. This wasn’t always the case, and until several years ago, we would never think to make that connection. Let’s face it, you’re in the vehicle to drive, not be concerned with interruptions from your smartphone. Supporting that idea, laws exist to prevent the use of smartphones while driving, and both Apple™ and Android™ have a “do not disturb while driving” option built-in.

It’s short for Your Voice.

Now, Kia has a proprietary system called UVO eServices, which is short for “Your Voice.” According to Kia, UVO “integrates all telematics and infotainment systems into a single interface to help keep you informed and entertained.” It also helps keep your Kia running at peak performance.

So, why does the 2019 Kia Forte include support for Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ as a standard option? Because Kia believes people want to be “in sync with their world,” through their music, contacts, or making and receiving calls. Voice commands for using your device features are through the device itself, so it’s all hands-free.


The best feature? 2019 Kia Forte navigation.

One of the best reasons for having Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ is navigational mapping. Unlike the old days where map data was loaded into the vehicle’s system, updated either manually or having your vehicle in for service, Apple™ and Android™ Maps are online. That means they’re accurate and up-to-date no matter where you use them.

However, keep in mind online maps use cellular data, which may not be available in certain areas, such as in tunnels. The secret is, plan your route in advance so the device’s Map app preloads map data for the areas you’ll travel.


So, when you are researching a new or used car, remember the 2019 Kia Forte compact sedan offers standard Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ support. You can easily connect your compatible device and take full advantage of the available UVO eServices suite. Navigate to your destination, make calls, receive texts and more. Plus, compatible apps are displayed on the touch-screen, while your hands are safely on the wheel.

Contact Gateway Kia of Warrington Pa and ask to see Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ in action! Or better yet, select the button to schedule a test drive with one of our friendly staff.

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