Warrington Kia Service Tips: Shift Before Ready

If you have a Hybrid (HEV) or Electric vehicle (EV) and never heard of “Shift Before Ready,” then you should read this service tip. To start an HEV or EV vehicle, you must follow a different sequence than that is a traditional gas vehicle?

GAS VEHICLE: To start the vehicle, you must have the shifter in the Park (P) position. Generally, you start the engine and then shift the vehicle into Reverse, Neutral, or Drive.

In comparison…

HYBRID or EV: To start the vehicle, you must have the shifter in the Park (P) position and wait for the computer to show “READY.” After the system is ready, then you can shift into Reverse, Neutral, or Drive. However, you happen to shift before the system shows “READY,” then the vehicle will not start.

Watch the video for a demonstration of the system readiness check and how the vehicle must be in the “READY” mode before being shifted out of “PARK.”


The Shift Before Ready signals

Again, if the vehicle is shifted out of Park (P) before being “READY,” it is termed as “Shift before Ready.”

If “Shift Before Ready” occurs, the Green “READY” symbol (A) will not be illuminated. The vehicle will need to be shifted back into the Park (P) position and then restarted (ignition cycled).

Our Gateway Kia of Warrington PA service experts recommends testing the Shift Before Ready sequence. The experience will add to your knowledge about the feature and your vehicle.

As with all features, Kia recommends you test your vehicle features with a Gateway Kia of Warrington PA sales representative. Your Warrington representative is trained to help you navigate through all the features installed in your Kia. Gateway Kia of Warrington PA practices the “Kia Perfect Delivery Process” to ensure you receive an excellent customer experience.

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