Quakertown Kia Service Tips: Wireless Smartphone Charging

Wireless smartphone charging is a technology many smartphones users enjoy. The reason? Mainly the elimination of messy charging wires criss crossing over desks, or even over your dash and controls while in a vehicle. Although customers desire this technology, many misunderstand the basic operation, which may affect customer satisfaction.

Qi wireless smartphone charging

Kia uses Qi wireless charging, which is an open (public) universal standard for wireless charging. It was created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Qi (pronounced “k-EE” but without a sharp sounding K) is an open interface standard that defines wireless power transfer between two devices over a distance. The system normally uses a charging pad and a compatible device (in this case a phone), which is placed on top of the pad.

A compatible phone or case is required

Kia stresses that a Qi compatible smartphone or compatible phone case is necessary. A compatible phone case is used with phones not designed for wireless charging. Examples of phones that are Qi compatible, that don’t need a Qi compatible case or accessory, include Apple iPhone 8 or later, and Samsung S7, S8, and S9 devices.

Steps for using Wireless Smartphone Charging include:

  1. Place the phone on the center of the charging pad.
  2. Ensure the vehicle is “on” and the doors are closed for wireless charging to be available.
  3. The indicator near the vehicle charger illuminates “amber” when the phone is charging.
  4. Depending on the phone used, you may see a “green” indicator once charging is complete. Note: The indicator changing to “green” when fully charged is dependent upon the phone used. In some cases, the indicator may stay amber even when fully charged.
  5. Some phones will not charge wirelessly when connected to the USB.
  6. Phone case thickness can impact the charge rate.
  7. Avoid placing coins, credit cards, paper clips, pens, jewelry, and other objects on the charging pad while charging

If you have a compatible smartphone, try the Wireless Smartphone Charging for yourself!

As with all features, Kia recommends you sit in your vehicle with a Gateway Kia Quakertown PA sales or service specialist. Kia specialists are trained to support you while navigating features such as theWireless Smartphone Charging. Gateway Kia Quakertown PA has a “perfect delivery process” policy that guarantees the best customer experience.

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