Is The Auto-Stop Bad For The Engine or Starter Motor?

By Product Expert | Posted in Standard Option on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at 10:00 am
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The answer to the first question in our 4-part series “Does the Idle Stop & Go System Really Work?,” the auto-stop (Idle Stop & Go) feature DOES NOT harm the engine or starter motor. So, traveling from Allentown PA or from Gateway Kia Quakertown PA to Philadelphia, and familiar with sitting in Blue Route traffic, the Idle Stop & Go system is safe and unquestionably saves fuel. Let’s look at how this system works.

Aside from the electrical systems and related components (battery, cables, etc.), we focused on the starter motor and the engine. But because the starter motor cranks the engine from a dead stop, there is more demand placed on the starter motor.

Engines are designed to withstand countless hours of operation under extreme conditions, but a starter motor has certain limitations. Gateway Kia Quakertown PA service technicians confirm the components installed in a standard starter motor are less resistant to extreme extended use. Their use is designed for traditional operation -to start the vehicle. Here’s a typical cycle- a driver engages the starter motor via the ignition, the starter motor cranks the engine, and when the ignition is released, the starter motor disengages to allow the engine to run on its own.


Let’s say a typical starter motor is built to operate approximately 100,000 cycles, but when a vehicle is fitted with a stop-start system, the starter motor may be engaged for as many as 300,000 cycles. Three times the workload places an extra burden on bearings and electrical components inside the starter motor, which shortens the life of the motor.

On the other hand, an issue that may burden the engine is temperature. In the past, we were taught to allow the engine a warm-up period before driving away. Also, traveling short distances under 10-15 minutes was bad for the engine because it never has the opportunity to warm up and circulate vital fluids before shutting down.


Gateway Kia Quakertown PA service department technicians say not to worry. Kia vehicles are fitted with parts reinforced to withstand additional workloads for systems such as the “Idle Stop & Go.” In this case, heavier duty starter motors are installed. Also, the Kia ISG system only works when the engine is hot, so the cold winter Quakertown PA temperatures are not an issue.

Kia’s standard policy is to install higher quality parts in all its vehicles to accommodate the different driving styles and situations between motorists. For example, someone traveling within the city of Philadelphia may use ISG technology more often than someone traveling within Quakertown PA. The city driver will definitely see more stop and start traffic than in Quakertown. So either way, Kia’s original equipment covers all drivers.

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